Scholarship Information

At One World International School, we believe in providing a world-class education at a moderate fee. We strive to create a multicultural community filled with students from different backgrounds with varied interests, and we want our students to feel connected with the surrounding community. With this in mind, we offer an OWIS tuition scholarship programme that can help students who excel academically to receive funds toward their education.

OWIS offers an academic scholarship for students starting Grade 9 and Grade 11 in August 2020. These scholarships are available to students who are already studying at OWIS and also to new students. Students who qualify for and earn scholarships can waive up to 50 per cent of their standard tuition fees.

OWIS Scholarship Programme

At OWIS, we believe that providing eligible students with tuition scholarships gives them access to a world class education that they will need to succeed in our global economy.

We want to give all students the opportunity to be part of the OWIS community, and we believe it is important to recognise academic excellence.

Students who are interested in the OWIS scholarship programme are encouraged to apply for scholarships prior to the start of the academic year. For the most part, scholarship applications for the coming school year are due by the middle of June. This gives the administrators and teachers time to review the applications and award the necessary scholarships before the school year begins.

At OWIS, we intend to continue our scholarship programme for many years to come. We want to instil a love of learning in all of our students, and we want our students to understand that their hard work will be rewarded. We know that access to education is critical to becoming a lifelong learner and are confident that our scholars will be global citizens who make valuable contributions to society.

Scholarship Application Process

Before beginning the OWIS scholarship application, students must verify that they meet the criteria for scholarship eligibility. We require our scholarship applicants to be either:

A Dependent Pass holder

A Student Pass holder

A Permanent Resident of Singapore

It should be noted that OWIS scholarships cannot be combined with other special offers or tuition discounts.

Once you have checked the scholarship eligibility requirements, you can begin the application process:


First, fill out an application for scholarship on the OWIS website. Our easy online application allows you to quickly apply for the scholarships that you are eligible for. Be prepared with all necessary documentation, as you will be required to submit evidence of academic and personal eligibility.


After you have completed your application, the assessment phase begins. During this time, OWIS administrators and educators will personally review all scholarship applications.


Applicants who get through the initial review will be required to meet with administrators and instructors for a face-to-face interview and rigorous assessment cycle. OWIS carefully considers all candidates during the assessment process in order to ensure that the most qualified students receive a tuition scholarship.


Once the assessments have been completed, students will be contacted if they have received a scholarship. At OWIS, we consider earning a tuition scholarship to be a major accomplishment, so we make it a point to announce our scholarship recipients to the public.

Schedule 1:1 consultation with the Admissions Team

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Senior Admissions Executive (East Coast)

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Admissions Executive

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Admissions Executive


For more information on the international school scholarships available and about scholarship eligibility at OWIS, contact us today. Eligible students may also begin their online OWIS scholarship application now.