OWIS Scholarship Programme

All students should have access to a world-class education that is needed for them to succeed in our global economy. To assist with this, your child may be able to benefit from an OWIS scholarship, if the required eligibility criteria is met 

At One World International School, we strive to create a multicultural community filled with students from different backgrounds with varied interests, and we want to give all students the opportunity to be a part of the OWIS community. With this in mind, we have created several scholarship programmes that support students who have demonstrated academic excellence and to provide eligible families with financial assistance for their child’s education.

At OWIS, we intend to continue our scholarship programme for many years to come. We want to instil a love of learning in our students, and we want our students to understand that their hard work will be rewarded. We know that access to education is critical to becoming a lifelong learner and are confident that our scholars will be global citizens who make valuable contributions to society.

We have a limited number of scholarships available and encourage you to apply early to receive our merit or means-based scholarships.

Scholarship opportunities for students

We have multiple scholarships available for students which range from 10% to 80% of the annual tuition fees. These scholarships are available for one to two years, depending on the scholarship criteria for each scholarship. Students can apply for the following scholarships at OWIS:

OWIS Excellence Scholarship

Students in Primary and Secondary school with outstanding academic results and leadership skills are eligible for this scholarship.  

OWIS Kindness Scholarship
OWIS Kindness Scholarship

Excellence in community service which has resulted in demonstrated positive change that can be attributed to the student's self initiated action, is considered for this scholarship

OWIS Kindness Scholarship
OWIS Merit plus Means Scholarship

We take into consideration the family’s household income and demonstrated need through a financial assessment, before granting this scholarship to financially deserving students.

OWIS Kindness Scholarship
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Scholarship Application Process


Fill out an application for scholarship on the OWIS website. Be prepared with all necessary documentation, as you will be required to submit evidence of academic and personal eligibility.


After you have completed your application, OWIS administrators and educators will personally review all scholarship applications.


OWIS carefully considers all candidates during the review process in order to ensure that the most qualified students receive the scholarship.


Once the review has been completed, students will be contacted if they have received a scholarship.

Terms & Conditions
Scholarship Sum

1. The School hereby covenants to provide the Student with the Scholarship Sum to be paid to the Parent / Guardian.

2. In consideration of the above Scholarships, the Student, with the approval of the Parent / Guardian, hereby covenants as follows:-

  • That the Student will enter upon and diligently continue in the course for the Academic Year of the Scholarship and that he / she will successfully complete the course within the time period prescribed or such longer period as School may approve;
  • That the Student will devote his / her whole time to the course and will, to the best of his / her ability, apply himself / herself to the course to the satisfaction of the supervisors, tutors and instructors associated therewith;
  • That the Student will follow all the sessions of the course and sit for all the examinations prescribed for the course;
  • That the Student will refrain from participation in activities which, in the opinion of the School, will tarnish, or are likely to tarnish, the image of the Scholarship or the School.

3. It is hereby further agreed that if the Student, in the sole opinion of the School:-

  • breaches any of the terms of this Deed;
  • breaches any code of conduct and/or School policy;
  • is involved in breach of any laws of Singapore; or
  • participates in activities which, in the opinion of the School, will tarnish, or are likely to tarnish, the image of the Scholarship or the School or bring the School or the Scholarship into disrepute; then and in every such case, the Parent / Guardian shall be jointly and severally liable for himself / herself and his / her respective heirs, assigns, executors and administrators (hereinafter referred to as the "personal representatives") to pay to the School on demand as liquidated damages the entire Scholarship Sum disbursed by the School for the Academic Year.

4. And it is hereby further agreed as follows:-

  • Students may apply for Scholarships for the Academic Year 2021-22.
  • Commencement of the Scholarship shall be from August 2021.
  • Upon completion of the Term by the Student, the Scholarship Sum for the applicable Term will be disbursed periodically at the beginning of the subsequent term;
  • The Scholarship Sum for the applicable Term will be withdrawn and cease to be payable and the Student shall not be entitled to Scholarship Sum for that academic term –
  • If there are any outstanding unpaid fees for previous period;
  • If the Student does not complete the Term or deregisters and leaves the School during the middle of the Term and is not able to complete the Term for whatsoever reasons, then the Term is deemed not to have been completed;
  • If the Student has violated any School policies or code of conduct;
  • If the Parent / Guardian fails to disclose changes in his / her annual gross family income whereby the income for the year 2020 or 2021 exceeds by more than 20% over income declared in IRAS tax assessment for the year 2020.

5. The Scholarship shall be automatically suspended on the occurrence of any of the events in clause 3 above and clause 10 below and the School shall be under no further obligation to provide the Scholarship Sum.

6. The Scholarship Sum amount cannot be deducted against or set-off against any outstanding fees.

7. The Parent / Guardian is required to mandatorily subscribe to the GIRO facility for payment of School fees. The Scholarship Sum, will be disbursed into the bank account of the Parent/Guardian, that is used for School fees GIRO deduction. The School fees shall not be paid by any other mode of payment except GIRO for recipients of Scholarship.

8. The Scholarship is non-assignable and non-transferable to any siblings or any other students.

9. The parent / Guardian has given true and factual representation of the gross family income.

10. The gross family income means combined income of the mother, father and income generating siblings who are staying with the family.

11. The Parent / Guardian confirms that he / she has submitted the latest income tax assessment documents for each and every income generating family member and that the annual gross family income for year 2020 will not exceed by more than 20% over income declared in IRAS tax assessment for the year 2019.

12. In the event where gross family income for the year 2020 or 2021 is likely to exceed by over 20% over the income declared in IRAS tax assessment for the year 2019, then the Parent / Guardian is required to inform the scholarship secretariat of the changes immediately to determine his / her continued eligibility under the Scholarship 2020 programme and changes in terms and conditions if any.

13. The Parent/ Guardian is required to submit their IRAS notice of assessment documents for the income year 2020 in order to receive the scholarship for the academic year August 2021 to July 2022.

14. If the School comes to know that the Scholarship has been obtained on the basis of wrongful documents and /or misleading or false information or suppressing the facts about gross family income for the year 2020 and 2021 exceeding the 2019 income by over 20%, the Scholarship will be terminated and any Scholarship Sums received by the Student towards the Scholarship shall be recoverable forthwith by the School from the Parent / Guardian who shall pay back to the School the Scholarship Sums disbursed by the School forthwith.

15. It is mandatory for the Parent / Guardian to submit documents evidencing Gross Family Income to the School for all Scholarships.

16. The Parent / Guardian is required to enter into this Deed accepting the terms and conditions herein. In the event the deed is not signed as applicable and delivered to the School, the Scholarship awarded by the School will be revoked.

17. The Parent / Guardian agrees and accepts that:

  • This Deed may be signed electronically and that such electronic signature shall be valid and binding on the Parent / Guardian;
  • The witness to the signature of the Parent / Guardian has witnessed the signing of this Deed by the Parent / Guardian at the time such signing occurred;
  • The electronic signatures of the Parent / Guardian and witnesses to this Deed have the full effect of their physical signatures;
  • The Parent / Guardian has affixed an electronic seal to this Deed; and
  • This Deed shall be deemed delivered at the date and time that it is transmitted electronically in Singapore.

18. The criteria for the Scholarship and the decision made by the committee for granting the Scholarship is entirely at the discretion of the said committee. The decision of the aforesaid committee is final and no appeals will be allowed or entertained.

19. The School reserves the right to amend the Scholarship terms and conditions at any time.

20. This Deed shall be binding on the successors-in-title and assigns of the parties.

21. This Deed may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original and all of which taken together shall constitute one and the same Deed.

22. The parties hereto agree that this Deed shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and that the courts of Singapore shall have jurisdiction over any matter or dispute arising hereunder.

Hear from OWIS Scholars

My teachers at OWIS contributed a lot to my success. Throughout the 2 years, they always motivated every student to do their best and to never give up. They ensured we were well-prepared by giving us additional resources and study material.Joining OWIS has had a very positive impact on my life and I have gained a lot of confidence in myself because of the OWIS environment.

Sarah P.
Current Grade 11 student and IGCSE scholarship recipient, who received 9 A*s in the 2020 IGCSE course

My biggest learning from taking the Cambridge IGCSE course has been that I should always give my best and make every lesson and assignment count. My teachers at OWIS were excellent in explaining concepts, some teachers gave us amazing tools to help us with our revision and all of them were really patient in answering my questions and clarifying my doubts.

Jiou-An H.
Current Grade 11 student and IGCSE scholarship recipient, who received 9 A*s in the 2020 IGCSE course
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