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60 mins
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15 Oct
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9:30 am

Meet the Academic Team (IGCSE/IBDP)

If you are looking for the right international school for your Secondary School-aged child, this Open House is a great opportunity to learn more about One World International School’s robust Secondary School programme and how we support our students to achieve their potential. After the meet-up, our Admissions Team will be happy to give your family a tour of our expansive Nanyang campus.

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Mark Renie
Head of School
60 mins

By attending this event at our OWIS Nanyang campus, you will discover:

nurturing environment

An introduction to IGCSE

Get familiar with the core philosophy of the academically rigorous Cambridge IGCSE Programme and what makes it ideal for a multicultural, multilingual audience and diverse student body at OWIS.

play based learning

The IB Diploma journey at OWIS

Find out how our IB DP programme uniquely prepares your child to head to university with strong critical thinking, research and writing skills.

extensive CCA programme

Student well-being

Learn more about our focus on well-rounded development for our students and how we ensure that their socio-emotional well-being is given as much attention as their academic success.

part of the owis family

The Holistic Learning Approach at OWIS

With a focus on our programmes, our academic team and school leaders will help you to gain an understanding of the academic knowledge, personalised support, and future-ready life skills your child will receive in their learning journey at OWIS.

You don’t want to miss this Open House if…

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You welcome the opportunity to learn more about our multicultural, kindness-led international school, right from our Head of School. 

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You want to learn about the vision and mission of the academic leadership team and their priorities when it comes to international school education.

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You are eager to tour our Nanyang campus to get a clear picture of how your child will benefit from enrolling at OWIS. 

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