Yasmin Sirraj


Art Teacher, Grade 10 Tutor




Yasmin started her art career through television art programmes for art enthusiasts in India. She has over 20 years of experience in Art, 15 of which she has spent teaching Art to various age groups. She is experienced in teaching PYP, MYP Art, ICSE Art, IGCSE Art & Design, Singapore MOE Art & PAL Visual Arts (Programme for Active Learning Visual arts). She believes in experimental learning by incorporating different art forms and techniques to widen one's art knowledge and skills.

Yasmin is a Postgraduate in Resource Management with Early childhood education experience. She holds a Cambridge Accreditation for IGCSE Art & Design and Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers from CIE. She is also certified in Educational Studies from The College of Teachers, UK and is a trained professional in Portrait drawing & Western Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

Yasmin strikes a balance with traditional and digital art as she firmly believes that both these art forms are interrelated. She was privileged to be nominated for the prestigious President's Design Award 2012 and was blessed to share her school publication design works with the then Hon'ble President of Singapore Mr Tony Tan Keng Yam.

Yasmin believes OWIS’ strong commitment to its art programme is a perfect fit to unleash one’s aesthetic and creative expressions. She trains students to be expressive through art as it is a reflection of them and their technical skills are strengthened from the foundation level.

As far as her learning approach towards art is concerned, Yasmin is convinced that "Art is a process, not a product!"