XiuRen Liu (Serena)


Mandarin Teacher




Serena Liu XiuRen holds a BA in Education, majoring in Preschool Education and Lower Primary Teaching from Shenzhen University (China) and Certificate of Music Teaching from Ministry of Education (China). After graduation, she remained in her Alma Mater, teaching in the University’s Kindergarten for 3 years before moving to Singapore with her family. While teaching in Singapore, she has attained teaching certification from ECDA (Early Childhood Development Authority) as well as IB Certification from IBO in both Category 1 and Category 3.

Serena is an experienced teacher who has been teaching in Shenzhen and Singapore for many years in both international and local schools. Serena strongly believes in the philosophy of learning through play and interaction, and has fostered many friendships with students to teach them Mandarin and share Chinese culture with them. She believes in encouraging her students to be self-motivated learners and to ask questions when in doubt. She believes she is a passionate and patient teacher and is constantly exploring new ways to ensure her students enjoy Chinese.

Out of school hours, she enjoys reading and spending time with her young family. Travelling is also one of her passions.

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