Susan Sawarkar


Grade 6 Tutor, English Teacher, Head of English Department




Susan has a Masters of Education degree from James Cook University, Australia and a teaching diploma in Early Childhood Education from MMI, London. Prior to that, Susan had acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Sociology.

Susan is the Head of the English Department at OWIS and her experience includes being an English language teacher for various age groups from Kindergarten to Secondary in IB schools. She has been a keen observer of different educational techniques and methods at schools her children attended in the US and UK where she lived for more than 6 years. Her M. Ed. degree has given her an in-depth knowledge and understanding of education and teaching techniques, enabling her to fulfil her aspiration to be a recognised educator.

Susan loves spending time with her children, finding new ways to learn through play and encouraging them to have an enjoyable learning experience. She loves reading books/articles about education, and tries to keep abreast of developments from experts in this field. In her free time, she likes to exercise by practising yoga, running and zumba.