Suruchi Bhatia


Humanities Teacher, CAS Coordinator, Grade 11 Tutor




Hailing from Mumbai, India, Suruchi says she picked up “how to learn and not what to learn” from her mother, who she describes as a fabulous teacher. In her own pursuit of education and upskilling, Suruchi earned her Bachelor and Master of Education degrees, and she also holds a Master of Arts in Economics. She holds professional development certificates in the IB Extended Essay and Economics - CAT3 [New Syllabus] from the IB DP Forum, and she also plans to pursue further learning in Strategic Planning and Leadership through an online course offered by Harvard University. 

While Suruchi comes to OWIS with 18 years of teaching experience, she says she still finds plenty to learn from her peers and students, and this is what makes her professional journey fulfilling. She embraces the education approach of "learning by doing", and hence, feels a strong connection to the IB philosophy. She loves to inquire into the how and why of an event, and this helps her create classes that are very interactive. She believes that project- and research-based learning makes her students good thinkers.

At OWIS, Suruchi looks forward to forming strong bonds with her students and peers. In her free time, she enjoys running, exercising and reading.

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