Suhailin Hamzah


Art Teacher, OWIS Suntec




Suhailin is a Singaporean. She started her career as a 3D Artist/Designer specialising in architecture/interior design. However, her growth mindset made her want to do something different in the long run, which was more challenging. So she took a leap of faith and quit her job as a designer to become an educator.

She has been teaching for more than 12 years now and has gained strong experience through her work in different educational institutions, which includes a secondary school and a SPED school. 

Suhailin believes that every student learns at their own pace, in their own unique way. She implements her idea of “I Do, We Do, You Do” in classroom teaching. As someone who is caring, understanding and positive, she hopes to nurture the OWIS philosophy of kindness by encouraging students to be thoughtful of others and show empathy. 

In her free time, Suhailin enjoys spending quality time with her family and heading out for shopping, dining, or to explore a theme park with them.

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