Stephen Glover


English Teacher, Grade 6Tutor




Veteran teacher Stephen Glover has more than 30 years of experience teaching English to high school students. He originally taught English for nine years at Lawnswood High School in Leeds, England. He spent the next 21 years teaching English Language and Literature as a Senior Teacher for the Ministry of Education at Pioneer Secondary School.

His expertise includes the secondary and ability range, and Stephen has taught GCSE, A Level in the UK, and GCE O Level in Singapore.

Stephen believes children must enjoy learning to be able to develop an interest in the curriculum. He brings new, creative ideas to the classroom and believes in making learning an enjoyable experience for students both in and outside the classroom and challenges his students with thought-provoking questions.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys reading, taking in a new film or play, and a friendly game of rugby. He’s an enthusiast about cricket, football, and tennis.

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