Siti Sahra Samsudin


Early Childhood 3 Teacher




Sahra grew up on the sunny island of Singapore and graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from SEED Institute.

Sahra believes that every child is a unique individual who will learn and grow at their own pace. She likes to be known as a fun and caring teacher, and she aspires to help and support all her students. She starts every day hoping that she can make a difference for her students by providing a safe, stimulating environment that is rich with love and care.

As a teacher, she loves to witness her students’ achievements and developments as they take place. It gives her a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and fulfilment in her role in the classroom. She also loves to be recognised and acknowledged by former students because this shows how she made an impact and a difference in their lives.

In her free time, she loves to explore nature and keep herself fit.

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