Shruti Nadig


Learning Support Teacher




Shruti hails from India (Pune), where she worked for 6 years in a corporate role and transitioned to education as she wanted a satisfying and rewarding career. Shruti has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Pune and has taught primary grades for 2 years before moving to Singapore. After coming to Singapore, she pursued a Diploma in Learning Disorder Management and Child Psychology from the College of Allied Educators. She also regularly attends different workshops and training sessions.

Shruti enjoys the opportunity to guide and teach children and finds it satisfying to see their faces and expressions while they learn and experience new things. She feels that every child is unique, and their individuality must be respected and understood so that they achieve their potential. She helps students achieve success via functional and life skill using multi- sensory and multi-modality teaching approaches to bring out the best in them.

She encourages students to look beyond the four walls of the classroom and explore the world around them as a place of learning and discovery.

She is excited to be part of the OWIS family that aims to develop independent, inquiring and lifelong learners while promoting international mindedness within the school and in the community. She believes OWIS is a kind environment for students as well as teachers.

During her free time, she loves cooking and learning different art forms. She enjoys travelling and discovering diverse cultures.