Sakshi Singh


Grade 5 Teacher




Sakshi was born and raised in the city of Chandigarh in India. She holds Bachelor's Degrees in Arts and Education from India. She also has a Certificate in Speech and Drama from Singapore.

It is Sakshi's belief that learning should be purposeful, engaging and enjoyable. In the classroom, she believes that collaborative and student-centred learning can inspire students to become passionate, lifelong learners. She facilitates this empowering learning environment by creating a positive classroom culture built on trust, compassion and respect.

Sakshi loves being a teacher because it provides an opportunity to learn about the world, specifically the world of her students. She loves having conversations with students, getting to know what their day-to-day life looks like, and what they think about the current issues that are happening. She also loves being inspired by other educators.

At OWIS, she looks forward to working with young children and creating unforgettable memories with her class. This includes reading stories together, creating art, learning through play, and many more activities.

Sakshi enjoys long nature walks, cooking, cycling, and eating at her favourite restaurants in Singapore in her free time.

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