Rónán Donohoe


Grade 4 Teacher




Ronan hails from the Republic of Ireland. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Dublin City University, is TEFL-certified, and has obtained certification in Math, Geography and Digital Media in the classroom.

Ronan's educational philosophy is that everyone contributes - as a student, a teacher and a learner - in his classroom. He believes in being open and finds that he regularly has things to learn from his students, just as his students learn from him. His wonderful experiences as a student and his love for knowledge inspired him to become a teacher.

Ronan joined OWIS because he wanted to be a part of OWIS' culture of kindness. He affirms that the values of OWIS align with his own and he is always happy to meet new students and teachers at OWIS who come from various cultures and backgrounds.

Ronan has a special love for pineapples and golfing!