Rashmi Tourani


Senior Coordinator - Teaching and Learning, Early Childhood & Primary School




Rashmi Tourani has a passion for words. She earned her Bachelor’s in English from the City University of Hong Kong, Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of Hong Kong, and Master’s Degree in Literary Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Rashmi’s teaching experience spans over six years at prestigious international schools. Her expertise includes Secondary and Primary English study levels.

Children benefit from an effective learning environment that stimulates and nurtures individual growth. This is where Rashmi steps in to help students grow. She advocates excellence in communication and encourages students to build lasting relationships and a passion for life-long learning.

This is why she chose to join OWIS. She believes in the OWIS approach to learning and believes the individual study methods employed in our curriculum enable students to achieve the highest standards possible. Collaboration is key to retaining information, and the group study programmes help nurture this in young children.

Rashmi loves exploring new countries, cultures, and cuisines, as long as the menu doesn’t include seafood. An avid fitness guru, Rashmi loves dancing and yoga. Her love for words is evident in her reading style. When not teaching or exercising, you will find Rashmi reading her favourite historical novel.