Ong Jun Liang (Ryan)


Maths Teacher




Jun Liang is a home-grown Singaporean. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU-NIE. He worked with the Ministry of Education for 8 years, teaching ‘O level’ Elementary Maths and Physical Education for secondary school students in Singapore. He has also taught IGCSE Maths at an international school in Dalian, China before joining OWIS. He has completed his Master of Education (Special Education) from NTU-NIE. He strongly believes in diversity and inclusive practises in school.

Jun Liang believes that every child needs a champion. Every student needs a teacher who believes in their potential to contribute to the world. As a teacher, he believes that his role is to tend to the students’ blossoming abilities which will propel them into their desired path of achievement.

Jun Liang organised the first Paralympic Games in partnership with the Singapore Disability Sports Council at a local secondary school in 2015 and considers this to be one of his key accomplishments. This was the first-ever event of its kind to promote inclusivity among physically able and physically challenged students.

When it comes to kindness, Jun Liang believes in Maya Angelou’s quote “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Jun Liang is married with two daughters and has travelled extensively. He is also a fitness enthusiast and enjoys Chinese instrumental music performances.