Nurul Rozali


Early Childhood 1 Teacher




Nurul Rozali has experience working with prominent international schools in Singapore, Netherlands, China, and more. She earned her Bachelor of Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Australia.

As a strong proponent for early childhood development and nurturing growth at a young age, Nurul finds joy in watching her curious students learn new things. The cornerstone for Nurul’s teaching strategy is promoting trust between teachers and students, as well as encouraging parents to take a proactive role in their child’s education.

Nurul chose OWIS as her next destination because the school promotes the same goals and philosophy she holds dear. The individual growth students have experienced on campus brings pride to Nurul and keeps her coming back to the OWIS classroom.

Ever the passionate adventurer, Nurul spends most of her free time taking Zumba classes, travelling with her husband, and surfing the waves in Bali. She also believes in giving back to the community and volunteers at an orphanage on a bimonthly basis.