Nurita Samanta Mondal


Grade 4 Teacher




Nurita Samanta hails from Kolkata, known as the City of Joy, in India. She earned her Bachelor and Master of Education degrees under the canopy of Pune University. Currently, she is pursuing the IB PYP Educator Certification Programme from the University of Windsor, Canada.

Since 2010 when she started her career as an educator, her teaching approach has been to ensure that all learners are seen, valued, and heard in her classroom. She accepts students for who they are, so they feel safe to make mistakes — because after all, mistakes are how we all learn. At the end of the day, they should be able to choose wisely and let their curiosity direct their learning.

Her former pupils describe her as someone who is creative, passionate, and jovial, and she aims to bring all these personal qualities to her teaching style at OWIS to make learning engaging for all the students. In her free time, Nurita enjoys de-stressing through cooking, art and craft. 

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