Nur Syahdiqin Ismail


IB PYP Coordinator, OWIS Nanyang




Syah is a Singaporean, but she was born in Japan. Her upbringing in four countries nurtured her adaptable, cosmopolitan nature and open mindset. Being an international school student who did the IB DP spurred Syah's passion for the IB curriculum. This led her to obtain her Master of International Education from the University of Melbourne, specialising in the Primary Years Programme. She also holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care from Singapore Polytechnic and a Diploma in Educational Studies from College of Teachers (UK).

Over the course of her career, Syah has taught various curricula, including the UK's EYFS, Reggio-Emilia approach and the Singapore NEL framework. She has over 10 years of preschool and elementary level teaching experience in international and local school settings. Syah has also worked with English as Additional/Second Language learners and is familiar with their unique needs in the classroom.

Syah strongly advocates for learner-centric curricula that encourage self efficacy and self regulation, and which allow children to uncover their natural abilities, talents and interests. She constantly seeks to expand her knowledge and skills through personal and professional initiatives.

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