Nausheen Gilani


Grade 3 Teacher




Nausheen hails from the city of Nawabs: Hyderabad in India. She holds a Master's Degree in Teaching from University of London, a Master's Degree in Arts Education from Institute of Ismaili Studies, a Master's Degree in Psychology and Bachelor's Degree in Education from Osmania University and a Bachelor's Degree in Arts from Shadan Degree College for Women.

Nausheen feels at home in Singapore after moving here, because of the warmth shown to her by Singaporeans. Nausheen was a full time teacher in India, teaching humanities to secondary students.

Nausheen's teaching philosophy is based on collaboration which encourages an inclusive environment. Through her teaching, she hopes to be an example and role-model for kindness; and inspire acts of kindness, care and love from and between the children, which gives them a sense of belonging in the class. Nausheen was inspired to be a teacher by her experience at London, which taught her to value each individual in a class as unique and a contributor in her/his own way.

She identifies with the OWIS motto of being "One with the world". In her free time, Nausheen loves traveling and spicy Indian food!