Nadia Khalid Feroze


English Teacher, Grade 7 Tutor




Nadia Khalid is a Canadian Pakistani and has been in Singapore for over 14 years. She received a Roll of Honour for her MBA Degree. She holds a Cambridge International Diploma for teachers and trainers and a CELTA certification from the University of Cambridge. She also has a PGCE from the University of Sunderland.

Nadia has also completed her Shadow Support Specialist Training in compliance with the U.S. National standards for Paraprofessionals and has a Public Speaking Diploma from the College of Teachers. 

In Nadia’s opinion, teachers should learn to teach and teach to learn. Being a good educator  is a complicated process. It enables learning and helps convert an individual’s experience into skills and knowledge. As the world is evolving, the most effective teaching methods are the ones that change according to the students’ needs. To her, teaching involves being flexible towards the needs of children through an interactive environment.

Nadia’s most memorable moment as a teacher was when she received a card from her student saying that she would always be his favorite teacher and he would make her proud of him.

She has two beautiful children and an adorable cat. She loves spicy food, biking and swimming.