Milay Baydur


Music Teacher




Milay Baydur was born in a small town near the ancient city of Antioch in southern Turkey. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education at Omer Halis Demir University in Turkey and worked in Turkish public schools from primary to high school levels engaging with all age groups. She also worked as a flute teacher in a high school in Turkey, specialising in arts education.

At OWIS, Milay is looking forward to creating a music group. She believes that playing an instrument is more about education than innate talent and that all children can learn and enjoy learning to play an instrument if they are taught using the proper methods.

Milay lived in the United States and Azerbaijan before moving to Singapore. She is a mother of two children. She enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time, learning to play different instruments, composing, repairing and painting old furniture, and interior design.

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