Lim Han Wern


Science Teacher, Grade 8




Lim Han Wern is from Malaysia, and he has been living in Singapore for the past sixteen years. He graduated from NUS with a First Class Honours degree in Life Sciences, and he also holds a Master of Science Degree in Infectious Diseases, Vaccinology and Drug Discovery. He was awarded the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship for his studies at NUS. 

Han Wern has been teaching for eight years. His most memorable teaching experiences have always been about bringing the real world into the Biology classroom.

He believes every child brings their own unique set of personal experiences, perspectives, emotional well-being, motivation, and prior knowledge to the classroom. The teacher acts as both a motivating coach and an effective facilitator to bring out the best in each child.

Han Wern looks forward to working with great colleagues and meeting with new students at OWIS.

In his free time, Han Wern loves to exercise and read Wikipedia pages to randomly gain new knowledge.

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