Lakshmi Ganapathy


Physics Teacher, Grade 10 Tutor




Lakshmi hails from the state of Tamil Nadu in India. She has two postgraduate degrees (Master of Science and Master of Philosophy in Physics) from Periyar University, India and a Bachelor of Education degree from Annamalai University, Singapore. She has been teaching for the last 10 years.

Lakshmi was a member of the Academics and Examination Board Member in her previous school, an ATL Coordinator, and an External academic competitions coordinator. She was also involved in planning the curriculum for IB DP/MYP Sciences and MYP Mathematics for IB evaluation.

Her approach to education is underpinned by the belief that education is a shared responsibility between the family, student, and school. As students spend a large part of their active time at school, she believes teachers have a great responsibility to create a learning platform for them by providing conceptual understanding and helping them comprehend issues that have local and global significance. 

Lakshmi’s grandparents who were teachers inspired her to become a teacher and she loves to develop inquiry skills in students by initiating STEM-based demonstrations, projects, and activities. She has two preschool boys and loves spending time with them and cooking.

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