Karen Brooks


Grade 5 Teacher, Mathematics Coordinator (Primary)




Karen is Australian-born and has a total of 24 years of teaching experience across Australia, Scotland and Singapore. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Education from Edith Cowan University and a TESOL Certification from Aberdeen College. She also holds a BA in Primary Education.

Karen's main focus as an international educator is to:

  • Develop students to think beyond their current situation and be internationally minded people
  • Instill in pupils an ownership of a deeply rooted set of profiles and attributes; so that this becomes their foundation for all future endeavours

Karen strives to unlock the hidden potential within each child, and to mould him/her into one who can contribute back to their global and immediate society.

Looking at how OWIS started and has grown, Karen believes the school and her share the same philosophy of educating young minds - by ensuring every kid gets the best out of their education path.

Karen plays tennis, dives and travels extensively. She also enjoys lamb chops and curry!