Joann Hernandez


Grade 2 Teacher




Students need to have an analytical mind and deep understanding of the sciences. That’s where Joann Hernandez steps in and brings a bit of excitement to science. Joann earned her degree in the Philippines in 1997 and taught multiple grades in government schools.

Her expertise encompasses chemistry, hands-on-science, drama, speech and phonics. She was a special invitee to teach Drama, Music, Movement and Story-telling to teachers in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Joann believes building a solid foundation and developing one’s emotional quotient are the most important factors to lifetime learning. She encourages children to use their knowledge in everyday scenarios, outside the classroom as well.

Joann is a devoted mother who travels around the world during the holidays. She spends her time immersing her children in international cultures and beliefs. Her goal is to teach tolerance, respect, and compassion.