JingJing Miao (Jacqueline)


Mandarin Teacher




Jacqueline comes from Wenzhou, China. She earned her Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from National Institute of Education, Singapore, and she embarked on her teaching career at an international school shortly after. 

During that time, she also volunteered for many teaching jobs, such as Sunday School teacher, short-term assistant teacher and support teacher. She was an oral presenter at the 11th Conference of Asia-Pacific Consortium of Teaching Chinese as an International Language (Singapore).

She believes that only by making students “fall in love” with Chinese as a language and by arousing their interest in learning can they gain proficiency. To motivate students in her class, she leverages technology in the right way and makes learning fun.

When Jacqueline was young, she hated learning until she met a good teacher who made classes fun and this inspired her in her studies. From then on, she knew she wanted to become a teacher just like him. 

At OWIS, Jacqueline looks forward to collaborating with colleagues and students. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, reading books and eating delicious food.

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