Helen Eustaquio


PYP Teacher Librarian




Helen will celebrate her 30th year as an early childhood educator this year, having joined this sector after graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has 11 years international teaching experience as a preparatory teacher and 18 years experience in a range of curricula both in the local and the international scene in Singapore.

Having experienced the IB play-based curriculum in international schools, she believes that the best way to nurture a child’s development is through play. She believes in allowing the children to direct their learning based on their prior knowledge of the world and building on these strengths as they acquire more skills and concepts along the way. As she felt a passion towards teaching, Helen obtained a diploma in early childhood education, recognised by the government of Singapore and also earned a master’s degree in early childhood from the Queensland University of Technology. She is also a qualified teacher in Speech and Drama having earned a Trinity Guildhall teaching certificate in drama.

Helen expects her students at OWIS to work hard and play hard in engaging activities. They will have an opportunity to explore and have a sense of wonder of how the world works; they will have an opportunity to work together and be independent at the same time. She believes that we need to help children be resilient in a fast-changing world. She believes her objective is to develop a love and passion for learning in her students. Children who “learn how to learn” will become adults who are life-long learners.

How does Helen keep her boat afloat? She is happy and grateful for everything that comes into her life. She loves spending time with her closest friends and family. She believes “home” is everywhere where your love ones are. She also takes an active interest in special needs education. She believes that education should be inclusive and should be for all children. She believes that there is a unique gift within every child and that as an educator, her task is to help them find this gift and provide each child the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.