Grace Altarejos


Grade 3 Teacher




Grace is from the Philippines. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from De La Salle University and a Master's Degree in Literacy Education from University College London. 

Grace has been teaching for nearly 9 years, focusing on both the early and primary years. She has experience with various globally-recognised curricula in international schools in the Philippines, England, Japan and now, Singapore.

Her vision as an educator is to provide students with confidence in their abilities and lifelong skills that will nurture and inspire them towards achieving their individual potential. She believes in encouraging them to make a difference in their own way.  

Grace strongly identifies with the OWIS philosophy of being kind and understanding. She feels kindness is best taught by committed adults who consciously ingrain lessons on kindness in every activity and interaction the child experiences. 

At OWIS, Grace is looking forward to productive discussions with like-minded educators who share the same vision of promoting meaningful learning. She is also eager to learn new things from her students. In her free time, Grace enjoys having a good meal and spending time with loved ones.

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