Ekta Sabharwal


Grade 3 Teacher, Grade 3 Coordinator




Ekta holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Education from India, an International Educator's Certificate for IB Qualification from University of Windsor in Canada and is currently pursuing an English Diploma from London Teacher Training College.

Ekta has been teaching for more than 16 years and has taught at various international schools in Singapore for the last 9 years.

Ekta firmly believes that teaching is a learning journey and teachers who demonstrate curiosity, generosity and reflective thinking encourage students to achieve their goals. She strives to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths and discovering what truly inspires them. She encourages students to learn more actively and independently by nurturing a curiosity that goes beyond the formal curriculum, and a love for learning that stays with them through life.

Ekta is excited to be a part of OWIS family. She likes the culture of kindness within the school and feels that small acts of kindness can change the world. She strongly believes in inquiry as a leading pedagogical approach here which helps students understand how they learn best so that they become lifelong learners.

Ekta enjoys cooking new recipes and spending time with her family and friends. She also loves dancing and listening to music.