Deepali Dharia


Grade 2 Teacher




In Singapore since 2014, Deepali originates from India (Mumbai) where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Diploma in Pre-school Teacher Training. Subsequently, she attained her Postgraduate Certificate and Master’s Degree in Education (major in Leadership) from the Monash University, Australia. Deepali has been an early childhood educator since 2003, with experience in teaching at international schools.

The time spent with learners at school has developed Deepali’s perspective of valuing each child as an individual as well as a part of a community. It also aligns with her own motivation to be a lifelong learner. Viewing the learner as the prime focus, including their interests and needs, assisting learners to achieve their goals, preparing them to be independent thinkers, involving them in authentic and relevant learning has been what Deepali strives for during the many years of teaching the early and primary years.

She believes OWIS' pedagogical approach is effective, balanced, creative and engaging and closely aligns with her own approach. Deepali’s beliefs on children taking ownership of their learning are reflected in the goals of the school too.

Apart from teaching she loves cooking and painting with her daughter. Deepali also enjoys travelling to different places, meeting new people and discovering diverse cultures.