Buvaneswari Chitty (Buna)


Grade 4 Teacher




Buna is from Singapore. She graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in Electronic Engineering and then received her Diploma in Education with Merit from the National Institute of Education. She has been professionally involved in primary education for about twelve years. Her philosophy of education is that when learning is made fun and exciting, students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable.

Buna always wanted an opportunity to make a positive difference, and she has found that opportunity in teaching. When students or parents tell her how much they appreciate what she's done, she feels great happiness. While working at OWIS, it's her goal to positively impact her students and help them engage in lifelong learning through creative and engaging lessons.

She says that every day of her teaching career has been memorable. However, when asked to remember a particularly memorable teaching moment, Buna recalls a time when a student gifted her a pen and said she was the reason that he could write well.

Buna has a special love for antiques and flea markets. In her free time, she enjoys refurbishing antique furnishings and giving them a new lease of life. Her other hobbies include beading, painting and gardening.

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