Bharti Dadhwal


Grade 3 Teacher




Bharti is a passionate and dedicated teacher who comes to OWIS with several years of teaching experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from India and a Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Singapore.

She has taught Early Childhood and Primary students from ages 4 to 11 in India and Singapore.

Bharti firmly believes that teaching should be learner-centric and that the role of a teacher is to inspire all young learners to take control of their learning. She endeavours to engage young minds in authentic learning experiences through exploring concepts and solving problems in their own creative ways. This will lead to students developing self-confidence and pride in their learning and in every incremental achievement.

She hopes to instill respect and compassion for different cultures that will enable young children to become active and informed global citizens.

As a curious learner of the world, Bharti expands her mind by travelling - embracing and learning about different cultures and ways of life.