Azura Aziz


Grade 2 Teacher




Azura Aziz was born in Singapore and has been working in international schools since 2010. She started teaching while volunteering during her undergraduate days, and she has enjoyed it ever since. 

Azura graduated from SIM-UOL with a Bachelors in Banking and Finance. After working as an assistant teacher for some time, she decided to equip herself further and move on to being a classroom teacher. She earned a Diploma in Education (Special Needs) from the College of Allied Educators and a Postgraduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training from the Asian College of Teachers.

Azura believes children learn best when they are given the agency to direct their own learning. They excel in a positive and nurturing environment where they are not afraid to try and make mistakes. In the classroom, teachers act as facilitators to ensure that each child is heard and included in the learning process. She also believes that the most important lesson in a child's learning journey is about empathy and compassion.

At OWIS, she is looking forward to meeting people from diverse backgrounds and learning about their cultures and traditions. In her free time, she loves to drink coffee, fly kites and spend time with loved ones.

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