Adam Meyerhoff


Secondary School Senior Coordinator - Teaching & Learning




Originally from Hull, England, Adam holds dual citizenship in both England and Australia. He received his Honours BA in Ancient History from the University of Newcastle and his Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Hull University. Adam has taught History, Geography and PSHE/Citizenship at the secondary level in his position at a Catholic secondary school in Newcastle. Adam has also held the role of Key Stage 3 learning Mentor (Assistant Head of House) with the responsibility for the support and development of all Key Stage 3 students’ academic and personal needs within his House. He has an excellent rapport with students and parents alike.

An extensive traveler, Adam has toured many countries including Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic along with spending a year traveling around Australia. He has also led school trips to Rome, the Bay of Naples and South Africa.

These rich experiences have buoyed Adam’s passion to help students learn about the world around them at every opportunity. Through exploration comes an appreciation and understanding of other cultures. These experiences feed the student’s natural curiosity and develop their character and ability to see their role in a global society in a concrete and positive way.

Adam enjoys all sports, whether observing or participating. He is especially keen on football and surfing. In his off time Adam likes to cook and listen to all genres of music-and play the didgeridoo!