Give your child renowned world class education at OWIS Suntec Campus*

At OWIS Suntec your child will benefit from a personalised education in a kind and multicultural environment.
*Campus start date subject to CPE Approval

One New Campus in the heart of Singapore

The OWIS Suntec Campus is in close proximity to Singapore’s green and sustainable urban initiatives and provides children with an experiential learning environment. Our young learners will have ample opportunities to visit spaces such as Gardens by the Bay, ArtScience Museum and the Marina Barrage which capture the essence of Singapore, encouraging the students to grow and learn with enthusiasm.


3 mins

ArtScience Museum

3 mins

Asian Civilisations Museum

3 mins

Gardens by the Bay

5 mins

Marina Barrage

6 mins

OWIS Suntec

Environment that fosters a love of learning

We empower our students to learn and grow. Every student enjoys a hands-on, world-class education that is tailored to meet their complex needs. We provide them with the room and space they need to become the best version of themselves.

Moderate class sizes in extensive and flexible classroom layouts foster exploration, communication and collaboration. We have thoughtfully designed our world class spaces to optimise learning outcomes  including dedicated outdoor classrooms, as well as spaces for music, mandarin, physical education and the performing arts.

Indicative Blueprint of the Campus floor plan. Please click on the above floor plan for more photos.
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At OWIS, your child’s well-being comes first

Play-based and inquiry-led learning

Through our unique educational framework, your child becomes an integral part of our multicultural community. They learn how to collaborate with others, take ownership of their learning journey and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Children also build their social skills and adopt the kind of values you’d want your child to have. 

Our programme follows a play-based and inquiry-led approach to learning. Through activities suitable for their development stage, your child embarks on an exciting journey of self-discovery and sensory exploration of the world around them.

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Experienced and caring teachers

Our highly qualified teachers have experience catering to different types of learners in an international setting and continuously upgrade their teaching skills. We select teachers who are passionate about providing guidance, support and understanding during those formative years, so your child can flourish emotionally, socially and academically.

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Be part of the OWIS family

Our mission is to offer world-class education to children of any cultural, ethnic, religious or economic background. We believe that every child should have access to the resources and guidance they need to flourish as a confident and culturally aware individual. 

When you choose OWIS, you choose a caring and committed learning partner for your child. As an educational institution serving over 1200 families in Singapore, this is the kind of leader we aspire to be. 

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A prime and outstanding location where children can safely nurture who they are and what they want to be

At OWIS your child will embark on a path of self-discovery through our rigorous and inquiry-led curriculum supported by our learning partner allowing them to blossom into a well-rounded young person. These CCA programmes are within a 10-min radius of the campus location. For the first academic year, our extensive CCA programmes will be offered to families at no additional cost.

Swim Programme

by State Swim

State-of-the-art Sports

at Singapore Sports Hub Kallang

Music Programme

by Aureus

Dance Programme

by Jody Marshall Dance Company

Performing Arts Programme

by Centre Stage

Rich Indoor Playgrounds

at Kiztopia

Children’s Garden & Water Play

at Far East Organisation Children’s Garden

Language Programme

by dedicated language centres 

There Is Ample Room to Learn and Grow at One World International School

Discover how we nurture your child’s confidence and independent thinking skills in a healthy, open and truly international school environment. Learn more about our approach to education and find out if OWIS is the right school for your family.

“Our education philosophy believes in the mindful use of technology, underpinned by values of kindness, and aims to provide holistic education to students to encourage them to be open-minded, global learners,”

Mr. Mark Renie
Head of School, OWIS Suntec campus​

Why consider the OWIS Suntec Campus?

Every child a unique individual

For us, every child is a unique individual. This is why we personalise your child’s learning journey and focus on their particular progress and needs as a young learner.

Small student-teacher ratio

Due to our small class sizes and low student-teacher ratio, your child receives personal care and attention in a safe and family-like classroom environment.

drawn-image-of-hand-hovering-a heart
Kind and multicultural school

With kindness at the core of our school’s culture, your child becomes part of a truly international community where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated.

Future-ready education

Through our hands-on teaching strategies, your child gains foundational 21st-century skills, giving them the confidence and tools they need to succeed in a global economy.

School-wide nationality cap

To ensure all 70+ nationalities are equally represented across our school body, we cap enrolment of students coming from a single nationality at 30%.

Reasonable tuition fees

As a not-for-profit educational institution, we reinvest into our school to continuously improve our quality of teaching. That way, we can deliver the highest quality of education without excessively high fees.

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“The diversity here is second to none”

Our children attended a local preschool for four years prior to OWIS. We were looking for a school that provided a positive and challenging learning environment, taught various learning styles, provided a safe and encouraging environment and made our children feel they belonged. Additionally, we were looking for a school that fit our budget and yet did not compromise on the amenities. 

The diversity here is second to none. The level of communication makes all the difference in the world. We appreciate the regular updates so we know what and how our children are learning. Teachers and staff are positive, pleasant, engaging and student-centered. 

Katrina H.

Questions you may want to ask before contacting us

Discover why OWIS can be your child’s springboard for academic success and happiness at school

Find out how we nurture your child’s confidence in a healthy, open and truly multicultural school environment. Get familiar with our holistic approach to education and learn how we encourage children to pursue what they love and become lifelong learners.

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