Kindness Week 2022 at OWIS Nanyang

November 18, 2022

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Every year, Kindness Week is a whole school event through which we celebrate and nurture this core value of our school. In Kindness Week this year, students in all grades learned about the value of being kind through assemblies and activities. Students placed imprints of their hands on our beautiful Kindness Tree murals, which is one of our school traditions. With parents being welcomed into campus as well, these valuable members of our school community also contributed words about kindness.

For our older students, understanding the value of being kind and compassionate is closely interlinked with realising the negative impact of bullying. In tutor time activities and an assembly on this theme, they worked in groups to understand different scenarios in which bullying can take place.

The week culminated with Odd Socks Day, a day when students throughout the school wore mismatched socks to depict their awareness of how everyone is different and they should feel accepted.

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