Our campus will have

Digital Classrooms

From Early Childhood to Grade 12, all classrooms will have interactive facilities for better student engagement and learning.

Key Classroom Features Include:


Two Smart Boards for collaboration and two whiteboards

Purpose-built studios to teach and learn 21st century skills

Acoustically enhanced classrooms for better AV experience

Digital Lockers

CCTV and Facial Recognition system for student attendance

Blended and Hybrid Learning Support

Play gardens for Early Childhood students attached to classrooms

Green Libraries for junior and senior students

Skill Studios

Blackbox for drama & theatre performances

Movie theatre facilities

Broadway Auditorium with 1000 seating

Virtual reality booth

Engineering and Electronics

Maker space with tools/robotics areas

Breaker space for deconstruction

Lego room for young learners

STEAM room

Music room for primary/secondary/Early Childhood

Visual Arts Room

Sensory/exploratory space

Expression room for early childhood

Gross motor indoor exploratory room

IT labs with 3D printing & software engineering & programming

Digital Learning

Performance Improvements using Data Analytics

Custom Learning pathways with Adaptive Instructions

E-Portfolios for students

Student Success programs

Campus Facilities

The campus will be designed to give the best facilities for the overall growth and convenience of our students and stakeholders. The emphasis will be on providing indoor and outdoor spaces that will encourage physical development of students.

Key Outdoor Features Include:


200m running track and 100m sprint track

600-seater Royal Sports stadium

Soccer field, Cricket field & Cricket nets

Archery range

Multipurpose Hall with 2 Basketball courts (Indoor)

2 Basketball & Tennis courts (outdoor)

6 indoor Badminton courts

Golf for Students

Separate Sports Gym for boys and girls

Two Adventure sports areas for primary & secondary students


Acoustically enhanced Amphitheatres

Gymnasiums and children’s play areas

Two rock-climbing walls for students

Kindness Tree House for Outdoor Learning

Cafeterias with al-fresco seating

Urban Farming for growing vegetables

Vertical gardens for environment projects

Renewable Energy with Solar and Wind Turbine Facilities

Traffic Park and Adventure Sports Park for students

Energy Saving features with Greenmark certification by BCA

Student Safety

24x7 security, CCTV cameras, Facial Recognition machines and Location Mapping enhances monitoring of individuals, crowd control, and triggering of necessary safety alerts if required.

The campus will be mindful of its carbon footprint, introducing renewable energy facilities for power generation and consumption. Some public areas shall be powered by renewable energy.

From pedagogy to school culture,
kindness is at the core of everything we do.

One World International School is the fastest growing school in Singapore with a child-first approach to learning which values every individual student. The new-age school will have a student capacity of 1500 and will be guided by kindness driven education programmes that promotes compassion and a culture of inclusion. 

Kindness-driven programmes

We promote compassion, kindness and acceptance on and off campus.

Child-centric learning approach

We value every child as an individual and strive to meet their unique needs.


From Early Childhood to Secondary Years, our students get high-quality education that promote their strengths. 


Student learning process is enhanced through the latest interactive technology and tools for their development.

Integrated Learning

Our fully integrated learning spaces inspire curious minds and creative individuals to nurture their passion 


We will be a steady partner in your child’s education journey right from early years to junior college. These 15 years will define the personality, aptitude and aspirations of your child. 

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Students are groomed to have an international outlook, academic excellence and personal growth through two renowned curricula. International Baccalaureate and Cambridge IGCSE at primary and secondary grades. The ultimate goal is to prepare them for university and life beyond school.

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Student-Teacher Ratio

We believe every child is an individual learner with unique strengths who deserve adequate attention. Through small class sizes, solid teaching methods and continuous assessment, we empower all students to become high achieving individuals. Individual attention through small class sizes.

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Blended Learning

Traditional and eLearning options will be offered to students who will be able to participate in classroom learning virtually and physically, in this era of social distancing and lockdowns. Digital classrooms will be blended with latest child-friendly technology for learning.


With Kindness at the Core, we celebrate a multicultural environment that harbours a global perspective and encourages inclusivity

Our school is where your child will be part of a diverse community where different world views are embraced.

OWIS miniature forest


With students from over 70 nationalities, we strive to create an all-inclusive student and teacher community with a truly international environment dominated by cultural awareness and open-mindedness.

OWIS miniature forest


Our student-centred learning approach values every child as an individual.

OWIS miniature forest

Nurturing environment

Our students are taught the importance of service, peaceful co-existence and being caring global citizens. Through various activities and participation in community events, we display our commitment to showing respect, caring for and being of service to the community and contributing to the upliftment of the under privileged.

OWIS miniature forest

Kindness Corner

OWIS DC will continue to encourage the culture of kindness and allocate areas where these acts will be on display. This will include the Kindness Tree, display area for values-driven achievements and walks of fame. A treehouse will stand in this corner as a symbol of OWIS Kindness Driven Programmes, which can be used for all community activities related to promotion of the value. 

State-of-the-Heart Campus will be operational by September 2023*

Discover why OWIS Punggol Digital Campus can be your child’s springboard for academic success and happiness.

OWIS Punggol Digital Campus

After the success of our Nanyang Campus, the new OWIS Punggol Digital Campus in the North East will be a bigger and better version where learning happens through a holistic approach. Learn more about our vibrant and remarkable global student and teacher community, and how we encourage children to pursue what they love and become lifelong learners.

Pre-Register for OWIS Punggol Digital Campus – 2023

All pre-registered applicants will receive S$1,500 benefit upon confirmation of application (Open for limited period only or for the first 300 students whichever is earlier)

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*Tentative operational date, subject to regulatory approvals