Secondary School at OWIS

When your child begins secondary school, it is their opportunity to truly become an independent young adult who thinks with their own mind and decides on their future goals and ambitions. At OWIS, your child is our top priority. We follow a secondary school curriculum programme that allows students to achieve:

  • Academic excellence
  • International insight
  • Personal growth

By incorporating hands-on learning opportunities into every aspect of the curriculum, we allow our students to hone their critical thinkings skills, to learn to work in group environments and to develop the confidence they need to pursue their dreams.

The OWIS Approach to Secondary School Education in Singapore

Similar to our primary school, OWIS’ secondary school focuses on a challenging approach to education. In these formative years, we want our young adult learners to foster their love of learning and to ask insightful, thoughtful questions while working with our educators.

We take pride in our open concept classrooms, where students can focus on their academic studies in a place that is comfortable and welcoming. Our classrooms allow students to engage in discussions with their classmates and to work effectively as a team. Our rigorous academic curriculum prepares them for life beyond secondary school, giving them the ideal foundation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or any other pre-university programme they choose to pursue.

In addition, we make technology a high priority in our secondary education programmes for children in Singapore. We have a 1:1 iPad programme, which allows our students to develop the 21st-century skills they need while also learning how to use technology to supplement their educational programme. Some of the benefits of our technology programme include:

  • Allowing students to improve their academic achievement.
  • Teaching students to use the Internet responsibly and to use technology to communicate effectively.
  • Improving critical thinking skills as students conduct research, manage projects and solve problems.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE): What You Need to Know 

We emphasise the need for inquiry-based learning at our secondary school, which is why our students follow the UK-based International General Certificate of Secondary Education programme. Some examples of subject areas within the curriculum programme include: 

secondary students girls

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Information Literacy
  • Personal, Social and Health Education 
Through these subject areas, students are able to pursue their academic and personal interests. This allows them to become well-rounded individuals who can hold a thoughtful conversation with anyone that they meet. Essentially, they are being prepared to become global citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.

Regardless of the course topic or subject area, the IGCSE curriculum programme focuses on helping students:

  • Develop oral and practical skills
  • Develop an investigative approach to the learning process
  • Use initiative to solve problems
  • Apply skills, knowledge and understanding in all situations and circumstances
  • Become self-motivated to take on individual projects
  • Be willing and able to work as part of a team
  • Become an effective, motivated individual learner

Secondary Schooling in Singapore and Student Life

Considering the fact that our secondary programme is geared toward students in grades 6 through 10, it's important that we look beyond academic life and offer our students a fulfilling social experience as well.

Consistent with our school-wide initiative, students who are enrolled in our secondary school are placed into houses. The work together as a small group and elect house captains. This allows students to meet and interact with a smaller community within our secondary school, similar to the way they did in primary school. It gives them a chance to create lasting relationships throughout the duration of their secondary years.

In addition, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities for students to choose from.

These include:

  • Weekly clubs based on interests
  • Weekly activities based on skills
  • Organised sports
  • Organised art and drama groups

Students will discover that there's an opportunity for everyone at our school.

Examples of activities that our students enjoy include:

  • Participating in workshops, examples include Theatre Workshops, Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, ChatBot workshops.  
  • Seminars and guest speakers.
  • Performances including instrumental recitals, theatre and dance.  

Student life extends beyond our school buildings as well. There are many school-sponsored trips throughout the year that allow students to get into the community and learn in an active and engaging environment.

Enrolling Your Child in Secondary School

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