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We know that you have a lot to consider when enrolling your child in primary school, and we want to be there to guide you through this important decision.

At One World International School, we offer a rigorous primary school curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)

Our goal is for students to do more than just memorise facts and statistics. We want the students at OWIS to be inquisitive and collaborative learners with powerful critical thinking skills. Our implementation of the IB PYP framework is underpinned by the UK National curriculum, and we believe that it allows students to excel academically and grow personally.

The OWIS Approach to Primary Education Programmes in Singapore

At OWIS, we take a holistic approach to primary schooling. What does this mean?

Well, to put it simply, we believe that each child is an individual learner and that we need to use their unique strengths and interests to foster a love of learning in a way that is natural and organic.

Our IB Primary Years Programme is geared toward students between the ages of 6 and 11 and is designed to provide them with a solid foundation for secondary school. Once they have graduated from primary school, they will have the skills needed to excel in our challenging yet nurturing secondary school environment.

Primary school student taking notes

How is our approach different?

We implement the IB PYP framework in a unique way, by encouraging our primary students to investigate topics, ask questions and develop their own understanding of the concepts and ideas presented to them.

Our Programme of Inquiry (POI), within the IB PYP, includes an integrated approach that connects topics from different subjects, helps students make connections between them and broadens their understanding of the world around them.

Our students are encouraged to take responsibility and lead the direction of some of their own learning, with guidance and assistance by the teacher.

Our educators go beyond the basics and encourage students to explore, question, think and engage in discussion.

OWIS’ Primary Years Programme

At OWIS, our Primary School students have

A range of experiential learning opportunities

Opportunities to be a Kindness Leader and a part of the House System at OWIS

Open-concept classrooms that encourages collaboration and teamwork

Opportunities for community projects and volunteer opportunities

A maximum class size of 24, enabling personalised learning and feedback

Respect for themselves and others.

A balanced programme of academics, sports and the arts

We believe that through our Primary Years programme, our students will develop an understanding of what it takes to be an internationally-minded global citizen. They will graduate from primary school with confidence in themselves and their abilities, and take responsibility for their learning and actions.

Learn More About the OWIS Primary Years Programme

We believe that our primary school is the right choice for your child. Whether you are relocating from another country, or you have lived in Singapore your entire life, our environment and rigorous curriculum will prepare your child for the future. You can expect your child to complete our programme with:

Learning certificate
An excellent academic foundation that can be built upon in secondary school.
Creative ideas
A developed and distinctive skill-set that will assist your child both within and outside of the classroom.

Meet our Teachers

Manpreet Kaur

Grade 1 Teacher

Traudel Noronha

Grade 5 Teacher

Rachel Holmes

Grade 5 Teacher, English Coordinator (Primary)

Ekta Sabharwal

Grade 3 Teacher

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I love the international exposure, a strong second language curriculum and a less stressful environment compared to other international schools. The fees are reasonable too.

Father of YuQi

Chung-An C.

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For more information on how our high-quality framework can benefit your child and how we can use a personalised approach to transform your student into a lifelong learner, contact One World International School today.