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Early Childhood EDUCATION

At One World International School, we offer an engaging, play-based environment for our youngest learners. Our Early Childhood programme is the ideal first step into the world of international education. We accept children from ages 3 to 6 into our Early Childhood programme and have created an innovative curriculum that can be customised to meet the unique needs of the individual learner.

Early Childhood students in classroomThe OWIS Approach to Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood programme includes: 

  • The IB framework for Early Childhood learners, which is the ideal introduction to the international schooling system.
  • Emphasis on concept driven  learning in a play-based environment.
  • Stimulating indoor-outdoor learning environments.

We believe that our youngest learners should be in an environment where they can develop academically, socially and emotionally. Our early childhood classrooms are designed to allow students to explore their surroundings and to become passionate about discovering new information and ideas.

The OWIS Difference: Why You Should Choose Our Early Childhood Education Programme

Our Early Childhood programme is the foundation of our curriculum which takes students through the Primary and Secondary years. This curriculum is designed to continuously build on their conceptual understanding.

Our programme is distinct because: 

  • We offer a welcoming, nurturing environment that focuses on the development of the whole learner.
  • We provide a play-based, concept driven setting that makes learning fun.
  • We utilise a curriculum that focuses on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills so that students are prepared for primary school.

At OWIS, we want to do more than measure our success by only looking at certain student achievements.  We strive for all of our students to excel and we really want to make sure that they love to learn. Our students at every level are striving to become lifelong learners, and we believe that begins in the early childhood classroom.

A Comprehensive Introduction

Our Early Childhood Programme is your first opportunity to introduce your child to a school. Our school is designed to prepare learners for an international environment where they can succeed in any setting. We do this by utilising an innovative, balanced approach at every level of the child’s educational journey.

You can expect your child's journey through our international school to go like this:

  • From ages 3 to 6, they spend time in an immersive, play-based classroom setting in our Early Childhood Programme.
  • From ages 6 to 11, they will enjoy open concept classrooms that emphasise discussion, teamwork and critical thinking in our Primary Years Programme.
  • From ages 12 to 16, they will focus on furthering their academic development and personal achievements as they prepare for life beyond our Secondary School.

Discover the OWIS Early Childhood Education Programme Today

Now is the best time to begin thinking about your child's education and their future. It can be overwhelming as you consider early childhood education but know that you are in the right place. Contact us at OWIS today to learn more about our concept driven, play-based Early Childhood Programme.