Cambridge IGCSE 

One World International School has developed a strong Secondary school curriculum based on the Cambridge IGCSE programme. Secondary school students participate in the Cambridge Checkpoint curriculum in Grades 6, 7 and 8 and the Cambridge IGCSE programme which culminates in 9 subject-specific IGCSEs in Grade 9 and 10. 

The Cambridge IGCSE Programme at OWIS aims to help students become learners who acquire the knowledge presented to them while simultaneously developing a deep understanding of the subjects studied. It emphasises the skills-based learning programme that is integral to the learning foundation at OWIS.

Our Secondary students at OWIS will master:

  • Subject content that is presented to them by their instructors.
  • The ability to apply the knowledge that they learn in unique, real-world scenarios.
  • The ability to make intellectual inquiries.
  • The ability to be flexible and to adapt when necessary.
  • The ability to work as a team and communicate in the English language.
  • Cultural awareness and the importance of working in a multi-cultural environment.

Cambridge IGCSE Programme

The Cambridge IGCSE Programme is the ideal option for an international school, such as OWIS. This is because the Cambridge IGCSE is an examination that holds students to internationally recognised standards. This means that a student who studies at an international school in Singapore will be held to the same standards as one who is enrolled in a school in other countries where this programme is offered. 

This consistency allows students to be better prepared for a global economy after graduation, and is one of the main IGCSE benefits. It also provides learners with the confidence that they need and to know that their learning material will be both relevant and valuable to them in the future.

There are six categories that are included as part of the Cambridge IGCSE Programme:

  • English language and literature
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Creative Arts

OWIS students will often take between 9 and 10 IGCSEs during Grade 9 and 10 and will be awarded their IGCSE subject grades from Cambridge after Grade 10.

OWIS administrators and educators believe that the Cambridge IGCSE Programme is the best option for our Singapore international school because it provides a standard for our students to work toward that will be relevant and useful in the real world as they pursue their professional careers. It is also a solid foundation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which OWIS follows in Grade 11 and 12. 

What is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, or IGCSE, is an English-based examination. Students take this exam in order to determine their proficiency in a given subject based on their current grade level. IGCSE results are recognised in many of the most esteemed universities, which makes this a valuable examination for the students who are enrolled at OWIS. In addition, the Cambridge IGCSE is offered at many other international schools around the world. For our students who transfer from international schools from other countries, this allows for a smooth and easy transition.

Parents and students who are interested in learning more about the Cambridge IGCSE Programme and how the programme impacts life at OWIS are invited to reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss the Cambridge IGCSE Programme with you further and answer any questions that you might have.

For more information about the rigorous curriculum at OWIS, and to find our how to enrol in IGCSE, contact us today