Chinese-English Bilingual Programme

We are proud to announce that we have introduced a Chinese-English Bilingual programme for students between the ages of 6 and 11.

This programme provides students with an opportunity to achieve fluency in both English and Mandarin with our high-quality bilingual, bicultural and bi-literate education. We believe that this will allow our students to ultimately have the opportunity to access higher education and work opportunities all over the world in both languages. 

The OWIS Approach to the Bilingual Programme

OWIS stands out from other bilingual schools in Singapore because it offers students a truly bilingual environment in which students receive almost equal instruction in both English and Mandarin.

The programme is available to students in Grades 1 through 5 and is taught by a bilingual teacher with the support of a bilingual teaching assistant in each class.

Students in the bilingual programme enjoy a personalised experience, as there is a 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio.

Students will receive in-depth instruction in these areas relative to their Mandarin and English language skill level. In addition, this programme supports the learning of Chinese culture and literature.

The bilingual programme at OWIS aligns with the IB PYP, and students also receive weekly instruction from our specialised teachers in Music, Art and Physical  Education.

The bilingual programme at OWIS provides primary school students with the foundation they need to succeed in secondary school at OWIS.

Who is the Bilingual Programme For?

The bilingual programme is ideal for any student who is interested in deepening their Chinese studies while maintaining and developing their English language proficiency. This includes:


Native Chinese Speakers

Students who grew up in countries where Mandarin is the native language and they have age-appropriate fluency in Mandarin and English.  They will benefit from this programme as it allows them to continue exploring their native language while simultaneously immersing themselves in the English language. It will enable them to have a deeper understanding of both languages.


Non-Native Chinese Speakers

Students who have been studying Mandarin and English for a while, and who have an advanced level of understanding, may enjoy the challenges of being in this immersive environment. This programme allows them to read, write and speak Mandarin fluently whilst maintaining their English skills.

The Structure of the Bilingual Programme

The bilingual programme at OWIS is intentionally designed to provide students with an understanding of all concepts using both languages. The teachers in this programme are trained bilingual educators, which allows students to benefit from an immersive learning environment.

For instance, when teachers are presenting the 'Mind and Body' concept, they would create learning engagements that allow the students to explore different key concepts in both languages. Throughout the lesson, students are encouraged to discuss and ask questions in both English and Mandarin. The strategic design of this lesson allows students to expand their vocabulary in both languages while working toward linguistic fluency.

At One World International School,
we empower children to become lifelong learners

So they can become the next generation’s creative innovators, compassionate leaders and responsible global citizens. Here are some of the ways we do this:

Students from 70+ countries

We celebrate diversity and promote international mindedness so that children can grow into mindful global citizens. To ensure all nationalities are equally represented across our school body, we have a 30% nationality cap policy.

World-class education with an international curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to address the academic, emotional, social and individual needs of every student based on their grade level. We use IB PYP for early childhood and primary school. For secondary, we offer IGCSE and IB DP.

Reasonable and affordable tuition fees

As a member of the Global Schools Foundation, we are able to cut overhead costs and sustain a moderate fee structure. This means you can give your child an exceptional education at an affordable price.

Open and transparent communication

Open and effective communication between parents, teachers and school administration is our priority. That way, you can freely voice your opinion as a parent and feel more involved in your child’s educational experience.

Warm and nurturing school atmosphere

Our warm and friendly school atmosphere helps children feel safe and included. With small classes of up to 24 students, we ensure not only a good student-teacher ratio but also a more personalised learning

Highly qualified and experienced teachers

To ensure we deliver outstanding teaching quality, all of our teachers are hand-picked based on their shared values, vast experience, commitment to excellence and internationally recognised teaching qualifications.

How the Bilingual Programme is Implemented at OWIS

All lessons in the Bilingual programme take place entirely in Mandarin and English and are taught at the native level. The classes focus on developing age-appropriate, mother-tongue skills in speaking, writing and reading. This ensures that children maintain and build the language skills that will give them the opportunity to work in both languages and cultures fluently.

Maths, Units of Inquiry and PSPE are delivered in both English and Mandarin, allowing students to enjoy the benefits of full cognitive bilingualism. Specialised subjects like Music, Art and PE are delivered in English by subject experts with the full support of bilingual assistant teachers. This allows students to access the whole curriculum and range of facilities at OWIS while also building relationships with other students within the school.

Happy student
For students who are not yet fluent in English but would want to access our curriculum, we offer an EAL programme.

The Benefits of Bilingualism

Increased economic opportunities

Bilingualism will allow students to be more successful in our interconnected global economy as there will be a greater need in the future for a multilingual workforce.

Better academic achievement

Research over the last few decades has indicated that students who had a bilingual education and spoke multiple languages had achieved more than their peers, especially in maths, reading and vocabulary ultimately leading to better university prospects.

Cross-cultural appreciation

Students who are bilingual have an appreciation for both cultures. Students are able to engage in both languages through stories,  idioms and other primary sources of information without requiring translation which leads to deeper cultural exchanges.

Increased cognitive development

Research has shown that bilingual students have improved brain function, which leads to an increased ability to problem solve, improved memory and recall, and multitask more efficiently.


As a linguist myself, I’m aware of the challenges associated with programmes that are superficial and ultimately don’t help children access their learning. This programme is internationally designed to deepen the learning of students and enable them to be fluent in both languages. 

Senior Co-ordinator

Luna Deller

For more information about the Chinese-English Bilingual Programme at OWIS, join us on our virtual tour.