Additional Learning Programmes

Co-Curricular activities


At One World International School, we encourage our students from Early Childhood 3 to secondary school to register for our co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities provide our students with additional opportunities, beyond the classroom, to cultivate their talents and explore passions they didn't know they had. Our after-school programme is an extension of what students are learning during the school day. We offer a variety of activities in art, music, drama and sports. Participating in co-curricular activities affords a host of benefits for your child:


  • Higher Academic Achievement. Parents sometimes worry that participating in extracurricular activities will diminish the amount of time their children can spend on homework, but involvement in co-curricular activities can actually improve students' motivation and attitudes toward school.
  • Real-World Skills. Besides gaining skills related to specific activities, such as sports, students learn a variety of essential skills that will help them thrive in all areas of life. Co-curricular activities allow students to build their skills in communication, goal-setting and prioritisation, leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving and time-management, to name a few.
  • New Perspectives. Exploring interests and passions in a structured setting outside the classroom can broaden students' perspectives and worldview, which is crucial in preparing them to become global leaders and innovators.
  • Higher Self-Esteem. Getting involved in after school activities they are passionate about provides a sense of accomplishment that increases students' confidence. Children have the freedom to enjoy learning new skills without the pressure to achieve high grades. This relaxed environment can empower students to take risks as they take on new challenges.
  • Socialisation. Taking part in our OWIS co-curricular activities programme enables students to connect with teachers and peers in an informal setting, giving them a sense of belonging and helping them find their place within our vibrant school community.

English as an additional language Programme

We accept students who are new to English up to Early Childhood 3 if we believe they have the capacity to learn the language quickly through immersion in normal class activities in the early years.

Parents of children in Grade 1-5 must be willing to support the learning of their child by registering for the English as an Additional Language intensive course and with general support at home, if recommended by the school.


Here at One World International School, we offer a range of extra learning opportunities for our students. One of these is our English as an Additional Language Intensive Course.

Your EAL child will receive:

  • 3 intensive lessons per week on a 1:1 basis with a qualified teacher of English as an Additional Language for an 8 week period (24 classes)
  • regular EAL homework
  • a progress report, separate from the school report, at the end of the 8 weeks
  • a flexible EAL class schedule that works for individual students where the class teacher and parents can offer input
  • online tools that you can use in order to help your child at home to gain proficiency.

The programme lasts for 8 weeks (usually covering 1 term) for a fee of $1070.

The class teacher and the EAL teacher will discuss your child’s immediate needs and, due to our small class sizes and 1:1 EAL lessons, they will create and design the programme to meet these needs.

This is how our EAL programme works at OWIS:


  • Students will be excused from 3 classes per week based on the recommendation of the class teacher and the structure of the class timetable.
  • The class teacher will inform the Head of Primary and the EAL teacher to check for suitable availability.
  • The timings will remain the same for the 8 week period to help your child with routines.
  • Throughout the 8 weeks, there will be frequent discussion between the class teacher and EAL teacher reviewing your child’s progress as well as updates for you, the parents.
  • Your child will receive 24 total classes even if he/she is ill or holidays fall during the 8 week block.
  • At the end of the 8 week block, a report will go home with the recommendation that either your child continues for an additional 8 weeks of teaching or that she rejoins their classroom full time. (Please note the older the student, the more time it may take.)
  • Ongoing support for your child will continue by the class teacher, after the EAL programme has been completed, by differentiating work in class and with regular monitoring of your child’s progress with the Principal.

All students from Grade 6 onwards are required to have a sufficient level of English to access the school curriculum.