Academic Results & University Offers

At One World International School, we take pride in the hard work and focus our students put into their academic pursuits. The academic results of the Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma students and the university offers received by our graduates and alumni have been truly heartening. 

As a leading international school in Singapore for Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma qualifications, our teachers not only support students through personalised learning but also mentor them to help them to plan their future academic and professional goals. Our community comes together to support our students throughout their learning journey in Secondary School and to celebrate their effort and academic results at the culmination of milestone examinations.

Importantly, while we believe in academic rigour to help our learners achieve their full potential, we also prioritise student well-being and their all-round social-emotional development through our values-based learning approach. Our Secondary School programmes support our core values of kindness and respect for diversity. This and the real-world knowledge the students gain through the robust curricula prepare them for a future where they will be able to bring about positive change as conscientious global citizens. 

Cambridge IGCSE Academic Results

The Cambridge IGCSE is followed in more than 145 countries around the world, making it one of the most widely recognised academic qualifications for Grade 10. This recognition makes it the ideal option for expatriate families whose children may need to transition from one school to another due to international relocation. Many of the top universities around the world recognise the IGCSE qualification. The two-year Cambridge IGCSE course at OWIS is for learners in Grades 9 and 10, and the curriculum encourages critical thinking and helps students develop real-world connections.

We are proud of our Cambridge IGCSE academic results; since 2018, we have consistently stood at more than 90% of our cohort earning A* - C grades.

2022 Cambridge IGCSE Academic Results

During the June 2022 external testing session

97% of a cohort of 36 students achieved A* - C

58% achieved A* - A

85% achieved A* - B

2021 Cambridge IGCSE Academic Results

During the June 2021 external testing session:

96% of a cohort of 30 students achieved A* - C


57% were awarded A* & A grades

2020 Cambridge IGCSE Academic Results

In the internal testing session*

94% of a cohort of 21 students achieved A* - C across all their IGCSE examinations


68% were awarded A* & A grades

(Due to Covid-19, the external examinations were cancelled.)

IB Diploma Programme Academic Results and University Offers

At OWIS, our IB Diploma Programme is designed to prepare our students for the challenges that they meet at university. They learn to be independent learners and the value of self-discipline and time management. Our University Counselling Team is always at hand to guide students on their best options for universities and help them to write applications that meet the requirements of their desired colleges for higher studies.

We are proud to share our IB Diploma results for 2022 and we congratulate all our students on their achievement:

Pass rate: 90% Pass Rate (worldwide average 89% (2021))
Average points: 34 (worldwide average 33 (2021))

We are delighted that our IB DP students have received offers from the top universities in North America, the United Kingdom and other leading study destinations around the world, and they will be pursuing their higher education at colleges of their choice.

IB Diploma Programme Results 2022


Pass rate: 90%
Worldwide average: 89% (2021)


Average points: 34
Worldwide average: 33 (2021)

University Destinations


Erasmus University of Rotterdam


University of British Columbia


University of Amsterdam


University of Edinburgh


University of Nottingham


Waseda University, Tokyo


Rutgers University


University of Nicosia (Cyprus)


Bishop's University (Quebec)


University of Toronto


Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

“It is extremely important that our IB DP students are placed in top universities. To that end, we provide opportunities for them to start thinking about their paths and where they want to go as early as Grade 6 in Secondary School. It is our constant endeavour that we expose them to a variety of learning opportunities and subjects and then support them to pursue these at their university of choice.”

Mark Renie
Mr Mark Renie

Head of School, OWIS

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