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Discover how Learning Programmes at OWIS help in supporting all aspects of your child’s development - academic, physical, social and emotional
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Student Learning

From early childhood and primary school all the way through to secondary school, our well-rounded approach prepares children to thrive in all areas of life, putting them on track to become dynamic global citizens, thoughtful leaders and lifelong learners.

Our core values of kindness and compassion are woven into every aspect of a student's learning journey. Our teachers make each child feel valued, and we celebrate the diversity of our school community. Our nurturing environment fosters a sense of safety and belonging as students learn to respect themselves and each other while they explore the world around them and consider different perspectives and cultures.

Our curricula empower students to take ownership of their learning and become independent thinkers from an early age. We place a lot of emphasis on student agency which means that the learner is placed at the centre of learning and is responsible for making choices that drive the learning.

Our teachers personalise their students’ learning journeys by trying to understand student’s interests and what motivates them. This allows students to develop a passion for their education that traditional methods of learning struggle to maintain.

At OWIS, students have a variety of opportunities to learn both within and outside the classroom.
Student playing in the garden

Field trips and service projects encourage students to bring what they're learning to the larger community.

Student making handicraft

Exhibitions and other special events at school allow students to showcase their talents and skills.

Student practicing yoga

Co-curricular activities enable students to explore their talents further or learn something new without the pressure of formal assessments.

Visit our campus and find out everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision about your child’s education.

An all-inclusive and truly diverse school where children can safely nurture who they are and what they want to be

Through globally recognised curriculum options such as the IB PYP, Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma, your child embarks on a path of self-discovery and lifelong learning, allowing them to blossom into a well-rounded young person and responsible global citizen.

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family?

OWIS places the children first. The “back to basics” feeling of prioritising what matters forms the educational and social wellbeing of all students and is a plus for me. I also like that technology plays enough of a part within my children's studies but does not dominate basic skills towards literacy with reading, writing and presentation. There is very much a balance.

Christina O.

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Visit our school and see how we can support your child’s all-round development

Get a virtual feel of our friendly and warm school environment. Learn more about our teachers and our child-centred teaching methodology. Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum successfully prepares your child for secondary school and see how we raise internationally minded and confident lifelong learners.

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