IB Primary Years Programme at OWIS

At One World International School, we offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), a rigorous, high-quality framework designed to inspire young minds and challenge students. The PYP addresses a student’s growth holistically, encompassing not only their academic needs but also their social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. At OWIS, we bring a unique, personalized approach to the PYP. Our individualised teaching methods and continuous assessment opportunities empower all students to achieve academic excellence.

The OWIS Approach to IB PYP

The PYP is a powerful, transformative framework that molds young minds into inquisitive thinkers, passionate learners, and confident citizens. The PYP encourages an integrated, trans-disciplinary approach to learning. This allows students to make connections across a variety of subjects, reflecting the dynamic, interconnected world in which we live.

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OWIS teaching methods build upon individual understandings, knowledge, and interests. In addition to directing academic subject mastery, our teachers also empower students with the learning skills they need to be successful throughout their academic careers. This includes a strong foundation in how to master basic knowledge, how to delve deeper through self-inquiry, how to develop critical thinking skills, and how to take responsibility for their learning.

International Mindset and Global Citizenship

Our Primary School strives towards developing internationally-minded students who demonstrate the attributes of the PYP Learner Profile through our school’s shared values. At OWIS, students learn what it means to be a “global citizen.” This includes how to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, how to work with others for a shared purpose, and the importance of taking positive, self-initiated action for change. Our “future-proof” education prepares students to study, live and work anywhere in the world.

Students who successfully complete the PYP are equipped with the strong academic foundation and personal skill sets necessary to undertake rigorous secondary programs of study.


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