IB PYP Early Years Curricula at OWIS:

Inquiry-led, Play-based Learning

At One World International School, we welcome our youngest learners into our Early Childhood environment from the age of 3 years. OWIS follows the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), a curriculum framework designed for students aged 3 to 12 years. PYP includes an “Early Years” component tailored to the academic, social and emotional needs for pre-primary school age children. At OWIS, our youngest learners participate in the PYP Early Years curriculum, benefitting from the programme’s special focus on inquiry-led and play-based learning. To further support early childhood development, OWIS offers rich and stimulating indoor-outdoor learning environments that integrate the natural world into the classroom. While our young students are encouraged to initiate their own inquiry, we also use the early learning goals and developmental milestones from the Early Years Foundation Stage. This ensures high standards of learning and allows teachers to accurately assess their young students' academic, social and personal progress.


PYP and Reggio Emilia: Similar Philosophies Emphasize Self-Directed Learning and Rich Learning Environments

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While OWIS does not formally follow the Reggio Emilia approach, many educators consider the PYP Early Years programme to be aligned with the goals of Reggio Emilia. Reggio Emilia is an educational philosophy focused on student-centered, self-directed, and experiential learning. Core tenants, like the belief that children need control over the direction of their learning and need to learn through a variety of experiences (touch, movement, listening, observation), is reflected in both Reggio Emilia and PYP. Both curricula seek to create a rich and appropriate classroom learning environment, which is considered to be a “third teacher” for young children. Parents searching for an Early Years curriculum that prepares students for IB PYP success and values the Reggio Emilia philosophy may find both at OWIS.

PYP Teaches Valuable Pre-Numeracy and Pre-Literacy Skills

In addition to honoring the importance of inquiry-led, play-based learning, PYP Early Years teachers at OWIS skillfully support the development of critical pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. The PYP Early Years curriculum emphasizes the importance of building a strong pre-literacy and pre-numeracy foundation so young learners are prepared to succeed in the IB PYP curriculum in their primary school years.

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