Vibrant Campus Experience

Situated on 32,000 sqm along the west coast of Singapore, the OWIS Nanyang campus is a dynamic environment for students to learn, grow and develop into global citizens. From our classrooms to our outdoor sporting fields, every part of the OWIS campus has been intentionally designed to reflect our ideals – balance, autonomy, and international mindedness – and cultivate your child’s passion for learning. Our student-centered approach to campus design elevates education and inspires future leaders.

owis nanyang campus


owis classroom

Dynamic classrooms develop
inquisitive young minds.


Every classroom at OWIS is designed to catalyze your child’s development into a well-rounded, global citizen. Our classrooms are built to be flexible, adaptable learning environments, including modular furniture, which encourage teamwork and cooperative learning. We limit all our class sizes to 24 students, giving each student the freedom to learn, explore, move, and cultivate their curiosity.

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Cutting-edge technology brings learning to life.

From Apple TVs to iPads, we incorporate technology into daily classroom life and lessons in a meaningful, responsible manner. Technology in the classroom helps our students to think, question, explore, and learn about the world around them. Our classrooms are equipped with iPads, Macbooks, and interactive LED screens. Speakers provide sound reinforcement for learning activities. 


owis mini forest / garden


Outdoor learning opportunities foster stewardship in the natural world.

Imagine your child walking down a quiet footpath through a miniature rainforest filled with native plants, fragrant flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds. At OWIS Nanyang, our primary students experience this magical world daily when they visit the OWIS Miniature Forest, one of our outdoor learning spaces on our campus. For young students, learning to appreciate nature requires more than simple observation: it requires interaction. From the berms and sand pit to the Sensory Garden and the outdoor learning spaces foster curiosity and stewardship for the natural world, teaching students that the future of our planet and our species are intrinsically tied together.


Sporting facilities designed for energetic children.

OWIS is committed to providing every student with the outdoor space they need to be physically active and develop a healthy, competitive spirit. Students enjoy access to an on-site, enclosed sports area, basketball court, and a large field for soccer and ball games.

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Library at OWIS

Since ancient times, great thinkers have studied and collaborated in libraries, developing the ideas that changed the world. Today's emerging thinkers are no different. That's why our newly renovated library at OWIS is designed with collaboration in mind and packed with top-notched children's literature and innovative learning technology. Our librarians are putting "just right" books in our students' hands so these children can learn new ideas right now and keep learning into the future.

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