We believe in leveraging technology as a tool to enhance individual and group learning outcomes. Educators at OWIS incorporate technology into everyday explorations to help create well-rounded, global citizens.

Students who feel safe in their learning environment tend to perform better in school and life, so maintaining a safe and secure campus is a priority. State-of-the-art security and surveillance systems use cutting-edge technology to keep students out of harm's way. Each child has a safety net from which they safely explore their world.

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Cutting-Edge Hardware Supports 21st Century Learning Skills

Students use a variety of learning technologies, from Apple TVs to iPads, on any given day. Classrooms at OWIS are designed for inquiry to help students make sense of the world around them. We recognize the role that cutting-edge technology plays in the quest to create authentic learning situations in the classroom. Our students rely on technology to navigate the information highway. iPads and MacBooks equip the students of the 21st century with tools that utilize rapid Wi-Fi to explore the world further. Interactive LED screens and speakers help optimize student engagement in each classroom.

Access to Superb Hardware Spearheads the Need for Innovative Software Solutions

Top-notch hardware does no good in an educational setting without innovative software to tap into its potential. Software and educational applications are screened to ensure students at OWIS have access to top-rated, high-quality software solutions. We believe students rise to the occasion when presented with challenges. Educational software must be designed to engage students in a way that sparks their curiosity and ultimately enhances their learning outcomes.


Safety, Security, and Technology

Students secure their belongings in lockers with secure access controls. The latest security and surveillance systems monitor activity on campus and alert the proper authorities to defuse any potential threat to students or staff quickly. Students and staff deserve to feel safe in their learning environment. Our goal is to provide access to a safe and secure setting from which students explore, create, and solve their own inquiries based on individual interests.

Technology enhances lifelong learning as students master various forms of technology throughout their educational career. When students understand how the specific types of technology facilitate learning, they embrace the constant updates that come with it fluidly. If you would like to explore how technology enhances our students' opportunities, we invite you to contact us today.

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