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At One World International School, we believe that technology is an essential component of a well-rounded, 21st-century education. Technology is evolving at a frenetic pace, and innovations that were unheard of a decade ago are now commonplace. Being technologically literate is a requirement for most workplaces. At OWIS, we provide a technology-rich environment that prepares students to keep pace with the latest developments in the digital age.

In-Classroom Technology

Recognising the many benefits of technology in the classroom, we're proud to provide technology in SG classrooms that include:

student ipad

  • iPads, which assist in collecting student work samples, capturing learning experiences and creating digital portfolios. Portfolios enable students to take pride in their work and grow in self-esteem, which is a catalyst for improving learning outcomes.

  • Cameras to record learning. Footage can be shared throughout the school and across our various campuses, enriching the learning experience for all involved.

  • Audiobooks, which supplement our library offerings

  • Science labs equipped with state-of-the-art data-logging equipment; including high-precision balances, portable digital colourimeters and a range of sensors to measure temperature, pH, CO2, forces and other variables. These allow students to accurately record, visualise and export data.


Technology Offerings at OWIS

Technology is a part of everything we do at OWIS. Sophisticated digital tools not only optimise student learning; they also increase the safety and security of the school environment. Our technology program consists of several components.

Quality Hardware

Every part of the curriculum allows students to become familiar with hardware programs for classrooms. Devices such as iPads, Apple TVs, LED displays and advanced audio systems foster inquiry and maximise student engagement. Rapid Wi-Fi allows for uninterrupted study and research.

Top-Notch Software

Using the most up-to-date hardware allows us to employ innovative software programs for classroom instruction. These tools address a variety of learning styles. Cutting-edge software provides for interactive learning that sparks students' curiosity and improves overall achievement.

Our efforts to provide the highest-quality technology aren't limited to empowering students. Our software solutions are designed to engage parents in the learning process too. They can see samples of their child's work and track their progress in real-time. Providing these channels allows parents to augment the learning process at home.

Superior Infrastructure

Our networks, databases, applications and servers are always secured and well-maintained, protecting the integrity of student data and allowing for unhindered learning.

Safety and Security

At OWIS, we believe that students learn best in a safe, secure environment. Toward that end, we provide students with lockers equipped with special access controls. Knowing that their belongings are secured enables students to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Our school is equipped with the latest security and surveillance systems to monitor what's happening on campus at all times and alert staff, teachers and authorities to potential threats right away. Members of our school community deserve a safe place to learn, and such a setting gives students the freedom to explore their interests, cultivate their creativity and unlock hidden potential.



Students of the Future

At OWIS, our students have access to a variety of technologies so that they not only become comfortable with these tools but also learn to use them responsibly. Additionally, they can seamlessly keep pace with new advances and updates. These skill sets are critical to preparing students to be well-rounded global citizens and leaders. We encourage you to discover for yourself how technology lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Visit our dynamic campus and see how innovative technologies enhance students' experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

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