Sports Programme / Physical Education

Physical education lays a strong foundation for children to develop essential skills and adopt lifelong healthy choices. At One World International School, the objectives of our thoughtfully-implemented PE programme include teaching the fundamentals of team and individual sports, fostering communication and problem-solving skills and equipping students with the knowledge to make responsible decisions related to health and fitness. From Early Childhood through to secondary school, our curriculum incorporates developmentally appropriate activities that expand children's existing skill sets.

Athletics Appreciation

Beginning with our early childhood programme, students learn the fundamental skills of various sports - learning to throw and catch for ball games, developing hand-eye coordination through net games and learning to collaborate and appreciate simple strategies through striking and fielding games. Introducing children to more than one sport helps them apply what they are learning across different contexts. Individual pursuits, such as dance and gymnastics, help children develop self-discipline and become reflective learners.

A Well-Rounded Approach

Our PE curriculum deepens children's understanding of the cognitive, psychological and physiological aspects of athletics and fitness. Early Childhood and primary school students participate in adventure challenges; games that cultivate communication, team-building and problem-solving skills. In secondary school, students further develop - specific skills - movement analysis, anatomy and physiology, technology in sport, biomechanics - and tactics and strategies.

Athletics Application

Our PE programme includes opportunities for students to practise and apply their skills. Our youngest students celebrate their progress at our Early Childhood Sports Day. Primary students explore team games and fitness concepts at a more advanced level. For our secondary school students, in-depth study of sports and health-related topics culminates in a Physical Education IGCSE.

Skills That Extend Beyond the Classroom

At OWIS, we believe that structured athletic activities led by well-trained teachers can have a significant impact on nearly every aspect of a child's development - physical fitness, social skills, personal development as well as academic performance - preparing them to be successful citizens and confident leaders.

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