Music Programme

Music plays an important role in any well-rounded curriculum, and at One World International School, we believe in harnessing the power of music to enrich students' lives. From learning to play a variety of instruments, to participation in group and extracurricular choirs, bands and activities, student gain confidence in their own abilities and how to offer positive feedback to peers at both the primary- and secondary-grade levels.

Music Appreciation

Our music programme places strong emphasis on music appreciation. Children learn about famous composers and compositions across different cultures and discover how they impact modern music, instruments and various styles of music. They have the opportunity to explore the various elements that make up a musical composition, such as tone, timbre, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, purpose and notation. They gain an understanding of how all these elements work together to become pleasing to the ear.

Skill-Based Practice

Learning to play an instrument is a big part of any school music curriculum, and at OWIS, children are introduced to instruments, what they look like, how they sound and how they're played. Students have the opportunity to master instruments such as ukulele and percussion, and they learn how to sing and to perform both individually and as a group. Children learn music composition and are given the opportunity to become composers of original works. Instruction culminates in the opportunity for children to perform in front of live audiences to hone their improvisation and performance technique.

Thinking Creatively

Independent thinking is an important part of the entire curricula at OWIS, and the music programme is no exception. Children are encouraged to explore, create, compose, perform and to constantly improve their skills in these areas. Assignments that require students to think out-of-the-box make up a large part of the music curricula, and collaboration and teamwork are encouraged.

Music Beyond the Classroom

The music programme at OWIS is a comprehensive programme that blends music history with musical genres to help students recognize and to speak intelligently when referencing different composers and compositions. It opens hearts and minds to music and works to fully enrich the lives of students.

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